Blueberry Cheesecake

Posted on Feb 5th, 2014

Blueberry Cheesecake is among the many go-to desserts I make because it's quick and easy to prepare, not to mention DELICIOUS. 🙂 With only 4…

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Fruit Pizza with a Sugar Cookie Crust

Posted on Nov 2nd, 2013

One of my favorite desserts is a fruit pizza.  My recipe uses a soft sugar cookie crust with a creamy vanilla filling.  Top this delectable dessert…

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Mandarin Delight Pie

Posted on Feb 5th, 2014

I first tried this pie years and years ago, when one of my sisters made it for our family.  It's since been one of our favorite desserts.  It's…

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Månha Pie

Posted on May 31st, 2014

This has got to be my most favorite Chamorro dessert!  For non-Chamorro-speaking friends, månha means the sweet, tender meat of the young, green…

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Pumpkin Turnovers (Pastit or Buchi Buchi)

Posted on Jul 31st, 2013

This is one of my most favorite desserts.  It's a turnover filled with a sweet, cinnamon-flavored pumpkin jam.  In Chamorro, Pastit is the term…

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Rich and Creamy Custard Pie

Posted on Jun 6th, 2014

Rich, creamy, sweet and luscious Custard Pie...are you drooling yet? Egg custard pie is so easy to make. Chances are you already have most of the…

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Ube Cheesecake

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2014

Who doesn't love cheesecake?  And for those of us who grew up in the islands, who doesn't love ube-anything?  If you haven't tried ube, or taro,…

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  1. Tina Moody says:

    Hi Annie,

    Did you used to have a recipe for Banana Pie? Not banana cream pie but just the banana. I saved the link and now it’s not working.

  2. Julie Acfalle says:

    Hi Annie I would like to know if I could get your recipe book. I am willing to pay for it. I live over here in Killeen, Texas. Thank You so much

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