Welcome to My Kitchen!

Hafa Adai and Welcome to My Kitchen!

Annie Merfalen

“Hafa Adai” means “hello” in Chamorro, the native language of my island home, Guam U.S.A.

Guam is the proverbial melting pot, abounding with cultural diversity that is aptly displayed in the variety of food we eat and share.  

The focal point of most Chamorro families centers around family gatherings and cooking.  In my home, most of my guests congregate in my kitchen.  It is where we do our best catching up, and where lasting memories are made.

Browse through my selection of Chamorro and other recipes, and please leave me a comment if you try my recipes to let me know what you think of them.

I hope you enjoyed your time in my kitchen.  Come back soon!

This site is a work-in-progress, so please bear with me as I grow this site to a place where you’ll love to visit. 

Happy cooking!

~ Annie

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  1. Jay says:

    Hi Annie! Great site. I’m Jay Perez, Familian Gollo. Are we related?

  2. Joseph Cruz says:

    Hi! I jump on your site for recipes that I’ve forgotten
    Whenever I have the urge. Great site.

  3. Candace Merfalen says:

    Hi auntie! Do you have a book with these recipes for sale?

  4. INGRID AGUON says:

    Just wondering if you know how to cook Mungo Beans with pork and Coconut Milk?

  5. Fran Lomax says:

    Annie, I am so glad I stumbled upon your website tonight. Looking forward to making some of the dishes I grew up eating but never knew how to make. Your instructions make it seem easy and I’m excited to get started cooking!! I was born and raised on Guam..moved away when I was 18 and been living in Georgia for over 30 years. When I get a chance to visit my siblings in different states, I always put in my request for certain dishes I miss from back home. Thank you again for your wonderful recipes.

  6. Pam says:

    I stumbled on this website looking for a recipe for red rice. I am excited to be here as I lived on Guam as a child in 1954-55. Although I was just six I,have very clear memories of the island. We were not a military familymand did not live on base. I can’t wait to explore this site and try my hand at a few recipes!

  7. Roger Houser says:

    I am interested in having you do some catering for my wife’s 50th birthday. She taught in Guam for two years and has friends, here in Colorado Springs, who also spent time in Guam. So, I would like to know how to order, or get a hold of you. Thank you

  8. Sarah Moroni says:

    Can you make pickled papaya? That would be great!

    • I don’t have a recipe for pickled papaya on my blog, but it’s simple to make. Look for a green green papaya—if should be firm to the touch. Peel the skin off and remove the seeds. Thinly slice the papaya.

      The basic pickling sauce is just vinegar and salt. It’s all done to taste. I like mine on the sour side. If you want it spicy, add hot peppers. Some add garlic to the mixture, but that’s totally optional.

  9. Sarah Moroni says:

    Your recipes are what got me married out here in Korea. I’m from Guam but me and my husband are both stationed out here in Korea. Thank you for being an amazing cook and teaching me these recipes!

    • Hi Sara! Congratulations on getting married! I’m so happy you’re trying out my recipes, and enjoying them too, I hope.

      My family lived in Korea for several years and loved it. Sometimes we wish we could have gotten stationed there one more time before we retired.

  10. Louise (Payne) Lager says:

    Hello, Annie! I am a Merfalen, too. Who was your father?. He would have been one of my uncles. Our grandfather was Joaquin Merfalen of Sinajana. What a small world. Please let me know.