Prayer Before Meals ~ Tinaitai Åntes de Chumocho

I left Guam over two decades ago.  One of the things I wish I could change is the fact that I am not as fluent as I’d like to be in speaking Chamorro, our native tongue.

This is the Chamorro translation for the Prayer Before Meals.

I’m going to teach my kids to say this prayer in Chamorro.  Wish me luck!

Prayer Before Meals

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  1. AlejoTugon.Blas says:

    Thanks for sharing the Prayer Before Meals,alot of Chamorros don’t know about this,Dangku’lu na si Yu’os Ma’ase,Annie.

  2. Jack Rogo says:

    Thanks for this post. I shall use this prayer before meal on a daily basis. Enjoyed!

  3. Nora Kelly says:

    Love this, I too left in 1978. In 1979 they started teaching the language and requiring it to be taken as a prerequisite to graduating at Notre Dame. I am challenged as I cannot speak it at all except for a few phrases learned growing up I might as well have been raised Haole the whole time. Sad.

    • Nora, there are several websites that teach basic Chamorro. I’m trying to get my kids to learn the basic phrases, but since my husband and I don’t converse in Chamorro, it’s a long process. We keep at it though.

  4. Julz says:

    It’s wonderful to see our language never forgotten I think this is wonderful Annie

  5. ir linn says:

    This is great, when I came to the states, there was no one to speak the language, try it with my kids and I don’t know why they didn’t learned it, probably because it was just me and no one around for them to hear more, I can speak the language still, but it takes me a while to get into it and so I mix it, I still have a hard time reading the language, I have to keep saying the word to figure it out, it’s been over forty years since I left Guam, and I miss the island

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