Buñelos Månglo’ (aka Typhoon Donuts)

Buñelos Månglo’ is another Chamorro dessert.  The name is loosely translated into “Air Donuts”.  I’m not sure why they’re called that.  Maybe it has something to do with WHEN Chamorros most often fry up a batch.  Often, during stormy weather when the rain is pouring down buckets and the wind is howling, many Chamorros fry up some Buñelos Månglo’.  No matter the origin of the name, this is another Chamorro comfort dish that you can make any time you want to, rain or shine.  Any way you look at it, it’s delicious.  You can’t go wrong with fried dough sprinkled with sugar.

Give my recipe a try.  I think you’ll like it.   🙂




  • 2 cups All-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup coconut milk (*may need more or less, depending on your location. Dry/less humid places may require more liquid, up to a cup; more humid places may need just the 3/4 cup.)


1. Mix flour, baking powder and sugar.


2.  Add the coconut milk to the flour mixture.


3.  Gently mix until a dough forms. The dough should be smooth and soft.


4. Roll out to about 1/3 inch thick, then cut in diamond or triangle-shaped pieces using a pastry wheel/cutter or a knife.  *I used a pizza cutter.




5. Preheat the oil.  When the oil is hot, drop the pieces of dough into the hot oil.  Turn the donuts frequently to ensure both sides are evenly browned.  Fry until golden brown, then remove from the oil and place in a colander or on paper towels to let any excess oil drip off.



6. Optional:  after the donuts have cooled slightly, place in a ziplock bag with 1/4 cup sugar.  Shake to coat each donut.




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  1. Teresita L.G. says:

    Thank you for your recipe! Just how I remember eating them! My family enjoyed it as well!

  2. Cil says:

    Annie, dangkulu si yuus maase. My daughter made potato salad using your recipe. Her husband and his family really enjoyed it. Your recipes are easy not complex. Thank you again. Si Chilang

  3. Joyleen Haser says:

    Feeling nostalgic & depressed in Washington. Making these turned my mood immediately. Thank you for sharing your recipe. These were one of my faves back in Guam!

  4. Mike (sensen) Taijeron formally Malesso says:

    Just attempting to make it now, hope it turns out great like yours.aiii Alabama taya.thank you

  5. Mary Clement says:

    Hafa Adai Annie,
    I recently tried your recipe and it was just like the ones my grandmother would make for me the year I lived with her on Guam. It was always such a pleasure to eat them when I would get home from school. Such wonderful memories that remind of my dear sweet grandmother. Thank you!!!

  6. Judi says:

    I’ve been looking for a recipe for this, couldn’t find my mom’s recipe cards anymore. Yours comes close to her ingredients.

    Saina Ma’åse,


  7. Harv Kandaz says:

    I tried the recipe and made it with my daughter,
    this was our first time and it turn out great
    Si Yuus Ma’ase

  8. Liberty Tainatongo-Cruz says:

    Thank you for sharing! Your recipe is a hit! My daughter is always asking when I can make another batch 🙂

  9. Kelly Lee says:

    Hi Annie,

    Growing up my sister and I were taught by our family how to make all the savory chamorro food but they never passed on how to make the sweet delights of our chamorro history. Living in Oregon, have even less access to these sweet treats and have taken it upon ourselves to try and make them. Your website is a blessing!

    My grandmother, who is 76yrs old and lives out here as well, asked for the Bunelos Manglo last week. I told her I would try to find a good recipe, so I did some online research. After looking at some of the other recipes online, I decided to try yours because the liquid to dry ratio made sense in my mind…and I am so happy I did. They were fantastic! The lightness of the donut and the outside crunch were perfect! What’s even better was how good they were the next day. They did not last in my house and my grandmother was so very happy.

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!! They weren’t as pretty as yours.

    • Hi Kelly! I’m so glad you stumbled across my recipe and decided to make it for your grandmother. I’m also happy to hear it was a success. Don’t worry about how it looked…the taste is what counts. Thanks for stopping by. Drop by again soon. 🙂

  10. Lola Meno says:

    I made this n it’s delicious n am making it for my grandkids this July n for camping dessert

  11. Fe Mendiola says:

    Thanks Annie! I just made them and boy was it just as I rembered my mama making them as a child! Super delicious!!!

  12. free650149 says:

    hafa adai annie! ive been on your website about a thousand times! I love all your recipe ive tried your tatiyas, kelaguen and ive recently tried this recipe! and I thought it was gonna be hard, but it turned out exactly like this ! so ive been making it & it brings me back home! so thank you!!!!

    be back for more recipes!

  13. Anthony Baleto says:

    When I fry the donut it comes out flat..How do you make it puff?

  14. Rie says:

    Aii sus Annie!!! I finally found the best one!!! After trying so many, this recipe worked superior to my satisfaction!! I love, love, love it!! Im making some now..my third batch already in less than a week!!! Thanks again!!

  15. Dorothea Ablao says:

    I’m going to give this a try. My Mother makes these for us when we were younger. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Mrs. Ogo says:

    Si Yu’us ma’ase’ Sinora Annie sa’ magahet hu chagi este na bunelos ya hu preba na mangge’ yan mampos mahalang yo’ nu este na klassen bunelos. Baihu bisisita hao ta’lo guini gi kusina-mu yanggen guaha mas enterisao hu para baihu fattinas. Adios!

  17. Micky says:

    I absolutely love all of your recipes Ive tried so many! You’re tge reason ive been able to make our home dishes for my kids. As usual my grandmother was the cook and she never measures so I’m so greatful you have made this blog! Im going home soon and I can’t wait to cook for my beautiful grandmother and show her how much I’ve learned and practiced . Thank you so much! God Bless!

  18. Tess says:

    Annie where are you located at? id like to try the baklava.

  19. Elaine Mansapit Oswald says:

    Snow days are the best time to try a recipe. Even though I just wrote down your recipe after I looked at all the steps above, I was so impressed at the turnout of my donuts. I used evaporated milk since I didn’t have coconut milk on hand. I cut the dough smaller in size and there were no air pockets, but all the same they were really so good. Always, Elaine

  20. Guafi Velez says:

    A very good dessert and a great taste of my home, Guam. My whole family loved it. Si yu’us må’åse’ for this great recipe

  21. Kalani says:

    Instructions & pictures are great! The donuts are even better! Although, I didn’t have any coconut milk on hand, I used whole milk & fried it in coconut oil. The family loved it, gave us that little taste of home that we needed.

  22. Felice says:

    Thank you for sharing your recipe. My family loved this.

  23. Alexander. Quitugua says:

    Ann What’s difference between baking soda and baking poder, made my doughnut , it was hard, learning, thanks. ALEX.

  24. ann tydingco says:

    <3 it.. A very simple way to make treat….. Thank you..:)

  25. lola matanane says:

    Thank you. your directions and pictures are excellent.

  26. Marie Camacho Marcellus says:

    Annie, this is such a sweet delight sharing recipes from our beautiful island home. But, I have a question. Can I use wheat flour instead of the white flour? Would love to hear your thoughts. Si Marie.

    • Hi Marie,

      You most definitely can use whole wheat flour, but I recommend using only 3/4 cup of whole wheat flour in place of 1 cup of all purpose flour. Keep in mind that Whole-wheat flour will make your baked products turn out heavier than if you use just all-purpose flour. I would try using half whole wheat, half all purpose flour to ensure the mixture isn’t too dense.

      Good luck, and please let me know how these turned out with whole wheat flour. 🙂

  27. elizabeth says:

    Agradesimiento este na fina tinas fina mames ginen hagu amiga Annie. Guahu, be chagi fina tinas.

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