Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs

How do you like your eggs? Depending on my mood, I like them in an omelet, fried over-easy, or one of my favorites — soft-boiled.

It’s tough to get the timing right for the perfect soft-boiled egg. Sometimes the eggs are undercooked, with the whites still runny (I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to eat raw egg whites). Or, sometimes the eggs are boiled too long and you end up with hard-boiled eggs.

Follow my directions below and you’ll get perfect soft-boiled eggs, every time.

Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs

You’ll Need:

  • A small pot or sauce pan
  • Eggs
  • Water
  • Salt, pepper, soy sauce, Tabasco Sauce, or your favorite condiment to enjoy these perfect eggs with


1. Fill a small pot half-full with water. Bring the water to a boil. I use hot tap water so that it comes to a boil quickly.

2. Once the water comes to a boil, CAREFULLY place the eggs into the pot. I use a large cooking spoon to lower the eggs into the boiling water.

3. Set your timer for EXACTLY 6 minutes.

4. After the 6 minutes has elapsed, IMMEDIATELY remove the pot from the stove and run cold water into the pot until the pot is completely filled with cold water.
5. It’s time to eat! Crack then peel off the top half of the egg shell. The egg white will be firm but the yolk inside will be thick and creamy–just perfect!
I like to peel the shell off the entire egg then place it in a small cereal bowl. This way, I can enjoy this perfectly soft-boiled egg the Chamorro way — with fina’denne and Tabasco sauce! 😀
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  1. Laura says:

    Annie, I was running late for work this morning, and so I put the water on to boil and asked my husband to do the rest while I took my shower. (My husband does not cook. Well, he can cook rice, fry Spam and eggs. That’s it, really!) When I got out of the shower, I was expecting that the eggs would probably be hard boiled. Imagine my surprise when they were done to perfection! Wow! A recipe even my husband can do! Thanks, Annie!

  2. says:

    Thank you! My husband wants me to make some!

  3. Manjo says:

    I could make any kind of Kadu, lechon, tinala katne…but I could never get this thing right! Thank you Mali!

  4. Joseph says:

    Thanks Annie I love soft boil eggs.

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