How to cut a Circle out of Parchment Paper

Have you ever had to line a round baking pan with parchment paper, and wondered how to cut a relatively perfect circle freehand?

Well, here’s my super simple way of doing it.


First, get your pan out.  Cut out a piece of parchment paper big enough to cover the entire pan.  You should have roughly a square piece of paper.

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Fold the piece of parchment paper in half to form a triangle, bringing the opposite corners together.  Fold the triangle in half again, bringing one corner toward the other (the folded edges should be together).  Keep your finger on the tip or point of the triangle (this point will not change as you continue your folding).

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Fold the triangle again, keeping your finger on the tip of the triangle and bringing the folded edges together.  Repeat the folding several more times until you can’t fold it anymore, ensuring you keep the sides with the folded edges together.

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Once you have a thin sliver of a triangle, place the tip of the triangle in the center of your pan.  Fold the top of the triangle where it comes to the outer edge of your pan.  Cut off any excess parchment paper (the part you folded).

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Unfold the triangle.  You will have a circle that fits perfectly over your pan.

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