Rosketti ~ a Chamorro cookie


I won’t lie to you…you WILL need to have a tall glass of milk or water when you eat these starchy Chamorro cookies.  It calls for an entire container of corn starch after all, but despite all that starch, this is a melt-in-your mouth cookie you won’t want to miss out on.

As a little girl, I remember going to rosaries just so that I can have some of these yummy cookies.  I’d CAREFULLY (they crumble easily) wrap a couple of them in a napkin to bring home for later.

Nowadays, you’d expect to pay a good chunk of change to buy some ready-made for you.  I used to love receiving the occasional care package with a Crab Biscuit can inside.  That was the telltale sign, the can, for it wasn’t biscuits inside, but Rosketti, carefully packed so as not to break any.  But even if they did break, I didn’t dare throw any crumbs away!  Oh no!  I’d scoop those little bits up and eat them with a spoon, it was like gold to me!

But that was about oh, maybe 25 years ago.  I’ve since learned to make these crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth delights myself.  Give it a try, but have that glass of milk handy.  Enjoy!  :)

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Rosketti 1

Rosketti 2

Rosketti 3

Rosketti 4

These are so fun to make with a cookie spritzer.  Oh, the fun shapes you can make!





  1. Marylou says:

    I enjoy eating this yummy cookies.

  2. Doris Rojas says:

    Hi Annie, of all the recipe out there for Rosketti, yours is the only one I use! Love love love those Rosketti!

  3. S Meno says:

    My Son wants this for his class meeting tomorrow morning. Thanks Annie for the recipe. ~ serf

  4. marcy i says:

    What temperature will they be bakeked and how long?

  5. Vicki Meno Miyazato says:

    Hi Annie, I wanted to make these and color them, would adding for coloring be OK?

  6. Bonnie says:

    is the container of cornstarch equal to the box. The container is not sold here

  7. barbara meno cook says:

    Hi Annie, I’vw made some and had to repeat it the very next day. So, here is a huge THANK-YOU from my home.

  8. elizabeth says:

    I want to make these for visiting relatives. Can they be made ahead and frozen? Or how far in advance can I make them & still have them taste fresh?

    • Hi Elizabeth. I’ve never frozen these before but I imagine freezing the dough would be fine.

      To freeze the dough:
      Shape the dough into a couple of flat disks. Wrap the disks in plastic or wax paper and transfer to a plastic freezer bag, squeezing out as much air as possible. You can store the dough in the freezer for up to three months.

      To bake;
      Let the dough warm up at room temperature until pliable. Break off pieces of dough, roll into balls, flatten with a fork and bake as directed.

  9. jovita benavente says:

    Hi! My name is jovie benavente from Guam I would like to say that the rosketti cookies here in Vancouver, Washington is the number one when I bake them I give sample’s so, that if they like it they will call me and order from me yes I sale my cookies it is olsome u would not belief it. so thank u for sharing.

  10. fred naputi says:

    Gonna make for Christmas Day!

  11. Cindy says:

    Can the all-purpose flour be replaced with whole wheat flour?

  12. Joy Rivera Woodward says:

    How many will this yield to? I’m trying to make 6 dozens

  13. May Dydasco Concepcion says:

    Wow! you are so talented thks for sharing! must try this one cuz I can never find the right ingredients for all except buy them at Tita’s them with coffee.

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