Red Rice made with Brown Rice

My family is making a concerted effort to develop healthier eating habits. We’re making small changes in the foods we eat as well as how we prepare them.

One change we definitely like is that we’ve made the switch from white to brown rice. I admit, it took some getting used to, but we actually like it. Of course, I have to season the brown rice whenever I cook it.

I wanted to see if the classic Chamorro Red Rice would taste good using brown rice instead of the usual white medium or long grain rice we know and love.

The result? Delicious! Granted, you can definitely tell you’re eating brown rice (it’s firmer and a bit nuttier than white), but delicious nonetheless.

Give my recipe a try. I think you’ll like it. 🙂

Red Rice made with Brown Rice

aka Red Brown Rice 🙂


  • 3 cups brown rice (use your rice cooker cup)
  • 6 1/3 cups water (use your rice cooker cup) (*See note below)
  • 1 packet achote powder (*See note below)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 bunch green onions, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon Dashida seasoning (or salt, to taste)

Note: You can use achote water made with achote seeds instead of achote powder. Scrub the seeds in the water; strain out the seeds before using.


1. Rinse the rice then place into your rice cooker pot.

2. Add the water.

3. Add the achote powder.

4. Add the olive oil.

5. Add the green onions.

6. Add the Dashida seasoning.

7. Cover the pot then turn it on or place it on “cook.” After about 5 minutes, open up the lid and stir the rice, ensuring the achote powder and Dashida seasoning are dissolved and evenly distributed. Place the cover back on the pot and let it finish cooking. After your rice cooker turns from “cook” to “warm” (or the equivalent for your rice cooker model), be sure to keep the lid closed, letting the rice continue steaming for 10-15 minutes before serving.

8. We love red rice with fried chicken and cucumber salad. Serve with your favorite main dish(es) and enjoy!


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  1. Becky, I will guarantee you’re talking about Fina’denne’. 😀

    Fina’denne’ is good on rice (red or white), meat, soups, or whatever you like.

    Here is the link to my recipe. Let me know if that’s what you’re looking for (I think it is).

  2. Annie, I had red rice for the first time at a church function in Utah..(st Marguerites). There was a tasty sauce on it….do you know what that might have been? It seemed to be vinegar based with onions in it. Do you have a recipe?

  3. Hi Avn! Thanks for trying it, and I’m glad you liked it! Great tip on substituting dashida with chicken powder. Share a photo of your Easter table…with your brown red rice. I’d love to see it.

  4. Hi Annie! I actually tried your recipe. I didn’t have Dashida but tried it with chicken powder and turn out really good. As a matter of fact Im cooking some for Easter. Thank you and Happy Easter!

  5. You’re welcome, Becky. I have a recipe for “regular” red rice that you can try as well. Here’s the link:

  6. Thank you. I have wanted to try making red rice, but was unsure of that ingredient!

  7. Becky, yes, they are the same thing. You’ll see “achote,” “achiote,” or “annatto.”

  8. Is achote the same thing as achiote?

  9. Ramona says:

    Looks really good. But what is Dashida? Does it have MSG in it?

    • Thanks, Ramona. Dashida is a Korean beef flavored seasoning. I’m not sure if it has MSG in it, however. You could also just use salt instead of Dashida, but you’ll need less salt than what’s required for Dashida.

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