Corn Soup

Chicken corn soup is a classic dish on Guam.  It’s made many different ways, from cutting corn kernels off fresh ears of corn to using canned or frozen corn.

As with most recipes nowadays, you can find fresh ingredients right in the freezer section of your grocery store–ingredients frozen right at the peak of ripeness so that we can enjoy them year round.

My version of chicken corn soup is relatively quick and easy to make.  On a side note, I have an even simpler version of corn soup that I’ll share soon.  In fact, it’s so super-simple that I call it “Cheater Corn Soup”.  Come back soon for that one. 😉

Cook a pot of my chicken corn soup.  It’s perfect when you’re craving comfort food, or if you want something to warm up your insides on a cold, blustery day.

Give my recipe a try.  I think you’ll like it. 🙂

Corn Soup Tutorial - 01

Corn Soup Tutorial - 02

Corn Soup Tutorial - 03

Corn Soup Tutorial - 04

Corn Soup Tutorial - 05

Corn Soup - 14


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  1. Sydney DuPree says:

    This soup was a hit in my household. If I wanted 2 batches, would I just double the recipe?

    Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  2. Kylie Parison says:

    Hafa Adai Annie!! I have been following you for some years now but I have to ask if you have a recipe for the pastry ‘bowls’ that corn soup can be served with? My favorite ladies who were our telephone operators I worked with on Andersen made for us on holidays. It was a flakey buttery thing that they used molds to make. I’m thinking they deep fried those, the banana donuts, and shrimp patties at the same time for our Thanksgiving and Christmas luncheons. Thank you XOXO

    • Hafa Adai, Kylie! I’ve actually never heard of serving corn soup in flaky bowls before, but there’s a first for everything! While not flaky like bread, I do have a recipe for fried “bowls” — they are like crisp shells we normally use for filling with chicken ala king. You can find the recipe for it in my Chicken Ala King recipe.

  3. Sydney Wise says:

    I am making this tonight for my husband & I. I lived on Guam for 12 years , this was one of my favorites. I reminds me of Chamorro village nights 🙂 & Señora Cruz

  4. Janice says:

    Hi Annie, thank you for your recipes. I just wanted to know how much is a serving and how many can it feed? I might be serving a group of 50 adults & thinking of doing soup & salad & possibly 1 & 1/2 dozen devilled eggs, for dinner.

    • Well, depending on how much you dish out, you could probably get 10-12 servings with this recipe. However, since it sounds as if this will be dinner, you may want to triple or even quadruple the recipe and serve larger portions.

  5. Lynn says:

    Hi Annie! I would like to use the Extra large Knorr chicken bouillon cubes for your corn soup recipe.

    However, am not to sure how much I should use or can I even use that instead of the powdered chicken bouillon.

    Might you please advise as my preference is to use the Extra large Knorr chicken bouillon cubes.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever used (or seen) “extra large” bouillon cubes, so I’m not sure how much you should use. Try using one cube then taste the soup to see if it needs more seasoning, adding more if it does.

  6. shalimar says:

    I always make great food with your recipes. It reminds me of being back home in Guam.

  7. Val says:

    Can I omit the accent since there is already salt and chicken bouillon

  8. Twyla says:

    I made this corn soup without the chicken! I’ll have to remake it with the chicken. I made it for a friend and she absolutely loved it Even though I forgot the chicken. She said it reminded her of home.

  9. Jameica says:

    Hi Annie i Just Wanted To Say Thank You !
    I’ve Been Away Home For 3 Years And My Gosh, How Ive Missed The Smell Of Food There . I’ve Never Really Cook Besides Rice lol My Parents Wouldn’t Let Me Touch The Stove Cause They Said I Might Burn Down The House
    Anyways , Here i Am Missing The Food Taste , Food Here Is Great But Not Like There .. Thanks To You I Found Your Website And It Helped Me A lot ! It Help Me Cook The Ones I Like & it Came Out AWESOME! ☺
    Annie You Saved My Life

  10. Candi Brown says:

    My sister makes this but she uses corn starch, what is the difference in the flavor with the masa Harina

  11. Ursula says:

    I love corn soup. It’s one of the things that reminds me of home and is one of my favorite Chamorro dishes! I just made this for the first time and did a taste test…it is wonderfully delicious!!! So happy to have come across your recipe! Si Yu’us Ma’ase and Happy Thansgiving!! 🙂

  12. Sheila Bardy says:

    My husband had asked me to make corn soup for one of the Sunday potlucks that he has at work and when I found your recipie online I asked my daughtet if she could help me make it. It was so easy to make and it was delicious! I’ve tried using other recipes that I found online but yours was the best. Thank you Annie!

  13. cyntavia says:

    When I was stationed in Guam, the ladies made corn soup but it had shrimp and crab and the base was thick but seemed slightly opaque is that a different recipe?

  14. Alison Logia says:

    My grandma used to make this for me when I was a kid <3 I didn't get to learn it from her before she passed away; I'm so excited to try this recipe! It brings back a lot of good memories-thank you!!!

  15. Theresa Wynn says:

    I’m going to try making this Annie. It looks delicious.

  16. Yummy! I need that in Idaho too !

  17. David Punzalan says:

    I have to say that this recipe is the most delicious I have EVER tried! Don’t get me wrong, there are good ones out there, but if you follow the recipe to the ‘T’, it comes out perfect! Just the right amount of salt content and coconut milk w/masa! Thank you so much Annie for sharing this recipe!

    • Thanks, David! I’m glad you liked it! By the way, for anyone reading these comments, David added his own twist to my recipe by adding about a tablespoon of grated ginger. It sounds yummy–I’m going to add ginger the next time I make this! 🙂

  18. Rose says:

    YUM! I’ve always made my corn soup using Masa Harina!

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